The Politics of Rage

Black and Brown rage is often dehumanized, while White rage is protected and coddled. But it takes courage to transmute rage and anger into collective and lasting transformation. ILLUSTRATION BY MOREMAR/ADOBE STOCK do you thinkcalling me ‘angry’is an insult.every time you call me ‘angry’i hear your voice salt with guilt andi laugh.look how easy it … Continue reading The Politics of Rage

How Artists are Transforming Climate-Related Storytelling

BY BREANNA DRAXLER & KATE SCHIMEL Silhouetted human and animal figures cross a burning, orange screen, as a narrator repeats the Bible’s exhortation to “be fruitful and multiply … to fill the earth and subdue it.”  “So why would the industries stop exploiting the Earth if it is our divine right to do so?” the narrator asks, as … Continue reading How Artists are Transforming Climate-Related Storytelling