A Report on the Status of Chinese LGBT+ Organizations and Their Work Scope


Over the past several decades, LGBT+ people have experienced promising changes in China, especially with increasing acceptance in society. There are a variety of LGBT+ organizations in China with different goals and aspirations in mind, that of which includes promoting gay, lesbian, transgender rights; strengthening the LGBT+ community; promoting public visibility; and many more. LGBT+ organizations such as media outlets, NGOs, social enterprises, volunteer groups, as well as members outside of the LGBT+ community have joined together to pave a sturdy path for the Chinese LGBT+ movement.

However, due to cultural sensitivity, censorship, lack of funding, misconception from the public, and a plethora of other problems, LGBT+ organizations can find themselves struggling to stay afloat. While these organizations continue to grow and expand their influence, it is important to discuss their current status and to educate the public on the evolving LGBT+ community.

In the process of multi-sector endeavors, LGBT+ related NGOs, social enterprises, media, and volunteers who supported sexual and gender minorities have played significant roles. This report aims to shed light on the status of the above-mentioned organizations and groups by uncovering the work they do, the challenges they face; as well as discussing interesting trends, and uncovering future opportunities. In order to produce this report, both formal online interviews (with NGO staff, social activists, and supporters in this field) and online questionnaires concerning LGBT+ issues were conducted. This report also strives to bring more awareness to the current development and achievements of LGBT+ organizations in China.

Table of Contents



I. LGBT+NGOs in China

II. Volunteers

III. LGBT+ Friendly Social Enterprises and Corporations

IV. LGBT+ Media Organizations and LGBT+ Organizations’ Internet-based Media Wing


Click the link below to read the full report.

*This publication was written by a team of Chinese university and high school students who conducted a series of online surveys and interviews from February to March 2021.

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