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作者:黄冰茜 张涵毓 朱嘉毅 王英博 斯天健


塔耶尔的想法在喀什老城并不罕见。在这里,今天有许多少数民族传统手工艺正面对着传承方面的挑战。 Continue reading 探寻那些不应消失的喀什传统手工艺

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A Brief Overview on African Children with Learning Disabilities

By Yolanda Shao, Rosa Guo, Kaman Mok
Learning disability (here on after referred to as LDs), defined by the Department of Health as a “significantly reduced ability to understand new or complex information, to learn new skills, with a reduced ability to cope independently,” or impaired intelligence and social functioning, has received little awareness in Africa. Continue reading A Brief Overview on African Children with Learning Disabilities

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作者:魏淑媛 朱昱霖 徐玮鸿
“国家级历史文化名城”。在这里,有大量的少数民族手工艺品,包括了乐器、木器、陶器等。这些手工艺品具有丰富的异域特色,凝聚了浓重的西域文化。然而,它们近年来的推广、销售情况并不是非常理想。 Continue reading 在喀什地区,少数民族手工艺品市场营销的现状与挑战是什么样的?

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Exploring a ‘Humanitarian Prescription’ for Pneumoconiosis

By Wanmi Sui, Jinming Qi, Yuhan Sun, Chi Zhang

Pingxiang has transformed itself from an underdeveloped and agricultural-dependent village into a relatively strong economic power. It has experienced rapid social and economic growth that once allowed Pingxiang to become a prosperous city during the mid-20th century. In the 1950s, Pingxiang exploited its mining resources to the largest extent while turning the city into a leading iron, steel, chemical, and machinery industry. [1] Because of the excessive favor on capital over labor, the mining sector has witnessed the rise of a severe and irreversible occupational risk——pneumoconiosis. The lucky majority of the population naturally enjoy the astonishing development; what we forget is those who truly devoted all their youth, efforts, and dedication. They are the ones that are suffering because of the prosperity; they are the epitome of Pingxiang’s broken past, the neglected minority that is doomed to be disregarded. Continue reading Exploring a ‘Humanitarian Prescription’ for Pneumoconiosis