Millennial Voices: Leo

Two or three potholed streets over from the suburban Nairobi compound in which Leo (Fu Junjie) resided, tucked away in one of the city’s countless malls and arcades, is a French bakery. After discovering this, Leo often brought back baked good for his housemates: a heaping apple pie, slices of chocolate cake, six strawberry fruit tarts, a baguette.

“Whatever I want, I am able to find here,” he explained while describing how Nairobi is much more normal – more “everywhere” – than he had imagined. “I quite like the bakeries.”

A 20 year-old student currently studying at Brandeis University, Leo came to Nairobi during his summer break to conduct a week-long research project on the legal issues managers at Chinese firms encounter in Kenya. He pestered nearly 80 Chinese managers, executives and employees working in the East African nation to respond to his survey. He also makes a mean ‘stewed chicken and potatoes’ (土豆炖鸡).

In the following clip, Zander and Lucy briefly interview Leo about his impressions in Kenya the day before he returned to America:


Fu Junjie: Interviewee

Lucy Liu: Interviewer

Zander Rounds: Interviewer

Viola Rothschild: Subtitles & Editing


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