Millennial Voices: Winnie

Winnie, 22, wants to be a writer. That’s why she came to Africa. As she explained on her first night in Nairobi, between mouthfuls of steaming stir-fried egg and tomato, “I want to write Africa’s stories.” To slow her roll, I made her read Wainana’s piece, How to Write About Africa. It only steadied her resolve to tell different stories, about Kenya and her compatriots there.

In Winnie’s free time in Nairobi, she relentlessly sought to understand the aspirations and ambitions other young Chinese people coming to the East African nation. She interviewed them over meals, during badminton, and at the climbing gym. In the following clip, we briefly interview Winnie about her thoughts on being a post-90s (90后) kid in Kenya:


Winne Wong: Interviewee

Zander Rounds: Interviewer

Viola Rothschild: Subtitles & Editing

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