River Management——A Phoenix Reborn in Nanjing, China

By Huang Binrui, Li Yang, Mi Renzhi, Yang Shuo

Many Nanjing citizens may still remember such a view: when walking along the rivers in several residential areas in Nanjing, people had to cover their noses. Taking a close look at the rivers, many refuse collection stations were emitting dreadfully black liquid directly into the river, producing a horrible and disgusting smell. The view was easily seen before 2015. Back then, not only Nanjing was facing poor river quality and management, but many other cities in China were confronting the management problem of black-odor rivers. Fortunately, such a view is rarely seen in Nanjing now. Instead, now Rivers are cleaner and the landscapes are more eco-friendly; near the riverside, many elderly citizens chat with each other when doing some exercises every morning; intimate couples walk their dogs here together with smiles on their faces. You may wonder: how did the change occur? To be more specific, what technical methods and policies were carried out in Nanjing in so short a period from 2015 to 2021 to accomplish this feat? Continue reading River Management——A Phoenix Reborn in Nanjing, China