The Existing Difficulties of Pneumoconiosis Patients

By Joyce Chen, Chujun Liu, Xintong Ye
Special Thanks: Haozhe Li
When entering Mr. Yang’s home, his family was assembling components. His mother’s trembling hands struggled to stuff the lamp wick into a red rubber covering, then hanging a plastic buckle onto it. Mr. Yang said that assembling such a component takes him about 15 seconds, and two of them are worth one cent (in RMB), which means that he could only earn one yuan from finishing 200 of these. A one-meter-high oxygen bottle was hanging on the wall, bags of medicine were stacked on the table, and thousands of accessories were stored in the corner. This is the life of Mr. Yang, one that reflects the current status of many rural pneumoconiosis patients in China. Continue reading The Existing Difficulties of Pneumoconiosis Patients


“说到义乌啊,这里可是世界小商品的摇篮啊。”Bina外贸公司的秦老板如是说。义乌是一个进出口贸易十分发达的城市。在这里,哪怕是路边一家平平无奇的餐厅,其老板都有经营外贸公司的经历。 Continue reading 义乌外贸那些事儿——汇率波动引发的蝴蝶效应